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Sleepless Child: The Little Girl Who Could Only Doze for an Hour Daily

Meet the 3-year-old girl who doesn’t sleep for more than an hour each day. Even when the rest of the world is sleeping, she’s awake like a robot.

When Hailey was born, she was just like any other ordinary child but as time went by, her parents noticed something different about her, especially during nighttime!

“There are nights where she wakes up after only 30 minutes of sleep, because of this, Hailey lacks energy and constantly feels tired.”

“To take care of her, we had to take turns to sleep and we had less than 3 hours of sleep every night. We consulted doctors and tried sleeping supplements, but she wouldn’t sleep for more than an hour!”

-Taylor 37, Hailey’s Mom

Every Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Hailey’s inability to sleep finally took a toll on her health as her condition caused her severe physical and learning disabilities.

One day, while her parents were asleep, Hailey was playing by herself and she fell from a stool. She was rushed to the hospital as the fall fractured her arm.

What's Keeping Her Up?

Despite all the hardships, Hailey’s parents didn’t give up on her. True enough, their prayers were heard when Dr. Rogers, a world-renowned sleep therapist contacted them. He has more than 35 years of experience in treating chronic sleep disorders.

When Dr. Rogers met Hailey, he performed in-depth MRI scans on her and the results were shocking:

“Sleep disorders are very common but Hailey’s condition is the most severe insomnia case. She has lower-than-normal levels of GABA in her brain.”

“Hailey also has weak connections in the white matter of her brain, the region that regulates alertness and sleep.”

-Dr. Rogers

Sleeping Scent Of Ancient Rome

Hailey’s condition reminded Dr. Rogers of his recent case study:

“I met a woman who had a condition called Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI). She did not sleep a wink for 18 years but she managed to overcome her condition, thanks to a holistic healing practitioner from Rome.”

“The healer gave her a handmade sleeping elixir based on a recipe from an ancient Roman medicine book and instructed her to soak in bathwater infused with the oil regularly.”

“After a month of practicing the routine…when it was close to bedtime, she became calmer and more drowsy. Allowing her to fall into a deep sleep as soon as she lay on the bed. That’s how she fell asleep for the first time in 18 years!”

-Dr. Rogers

Finally Experiencing Childhood

Realizing how this could help Hailey, Dr. Rogers obtained a sample of the herb blend and gave it to Hailey’s parents.

For the next 10 days, Hailey had to take baths with the oil blend:

“Within 8 days of letting Hailey take baths in the sample oil, she’s been less hyper at night and it only takes 30 minutes for her to fall asleep.”

“Amazingly, Hailey’s been sleeping for at least 5 hours straight! Besides that, she’s more alert and energetic during the day.”

“She can finally play at the playground like any other child. It brought us to tears because we thought there’d be no cure.”

-Taylor 34, Hailey’s Mom

To understand more about the effectiveness of the traditional treatment, Dr. Rogers performed further tests on Hailey:

“Hailey’s GABA levels have significantly increased and the white matter of her thalamus now has more active neuron connections. This helps to relax the nervous system and initiate sleep.”

-Dr. Rogers

Wonder Herb Of Hippocrates

Enthralled with the outcome, Dr. Rogers ran some lab tests to identify the oil's components:

“The main ingredient in the oil blend is none other than Roman Chamomile. We discovered that only this species has the highest amount of Apigenin which has a sedative effect to promote sleepiness.”

“Centuries ago, even Hippocrates prescribed Roman chamomile oil to correct sleep disorders and Roman soldiers also used the same herb-infused oil before battles to calm their nerves and to support mental clarity which is useful to help ease the mind and body to fall into a deep sleep.”

-Dr. Rogers


Dr. Rogers wanted to share his discovery with the world. So, he collaborated with the top Roman chamomile supplier and world-famous biochemists to invent a sleep-inducing essential oil using the latest steam distillation method.

They called it Dilloux™:

“Upon inhaling Dilloux™, the brain will secrete dopamine and serotonin. They are necessary not only for feeling relaxed but also for producing melatonin, the hormone that makes you sleepy at night.”

“Apigenin is also found in Dilloux™ to induce drowsiness while promoting positive feelings to reduce depression.”

-Dr. Rogers

Dilloux™ Garners Worldwide Recognition

When Dilloux™ made its official debut, Hailey was the first person to try it:

“We used to prepare baths for Hailey to soak in for hours to get the full effect but now, we only need to apply a few drops of Dilloux™ on Hailey’s pillow.”

“It calmed her down in less than 5 minutes and she would go to bed by herself without needing us to tuck her in.”

“After using Dilloux™, Hailey’s been sleeping peacefully till the next morning and she even drooled on her pillow several times."

“Hailey can finally enjoy her childhood like any other kid and she is even starting preschool soon!”

-Taylor, Hailey’s mom

When Dilloux™ was launched worldwide, more than 493,424 units were sold. In clinical trials involving more than 32,863 participants, more than 99.3% of users reported that it helped alleviate insomnia and stress.

One of them is 35-year-old Deanna, an accountant:

“I suffered from chronic insomnia due to my job. After a long day at work, I would get tired but I just couldn’t fall asleep.”

“I eventually learned how to survive with only 4 hours of sleep daily but it badly affected my mental and physical health.”

“I look 10 years older than my real age!”

“Sleeping pills were my go-to but they just don’t work anymore. When I came across Dilloux™, I was skeptical but it’s my holy grail now! A few drops on my pillow is all I need now to get a restful rest after a long day of work.”

“Now I feel more energetic and my stress levels have reduced. My performance at work has improved tremendously. I’m even getting promoted next month!”

-Deanna 35, Accountant

Blissful Night's Sleep

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